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Note: Do not ask me about my personal life. The info that I'm permitting out is as far as I'll go, the rest is none of your concern. Respect the artist's privacy. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> What kind of tablet do you use?
Wacom Bamboo 6in.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> And the software?
SAI and sometimes photoshop for filters.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Where did you learn to draw?
Thanks to my mom for me being so inspired by her nature drawings, I'm self-taught with the help of her critiquing my work all the time.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Where do you get your inspiration?
Music, looking at other art, sitting outside, animal books, wake and bake.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Do you take requests?
Only from really close friends, otherwise I'm not a slave to mankind by fulfilling their fantasies for free. I'm a human, not God. I have an expiration date. 

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> What about art trades and or collaborations?
Again close friends, or depends if I'm interested in your work.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Can I use your work for other purposes, like websites, banners, etc.?
No, unless if you ordered a commission from me. You have zero permission otherwise.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> How much do you charge for commissions?
Right here --> link

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Can I draw your characters?
If it is for practicing purposes or gift art, give me full credit of my characters and you may do so. Otherwise, it's the rack for you!

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Can I draw your characters with mine?
No. That's just creepy. >_>

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Sometimes you don't reply to comments. How come?
1.I'm not online as much anymore, so I'm rather slow with replying. I'll eventually get to everyone.
2.I really don't like replying to one word comments. I mean what can you say when someone comments, "Great!" or "Cool."?
3.Don't know what to say.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Do you stream?
Of course. I post journals when I'm online.

If you have any other questions that were not answered, feel free to post. I may even add them to the list.

About Me

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Subject

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Age

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Occupation
Part time night stocker at Woodmans. Full time tattoo apprentice at Skin Candy.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Personality
I'm deranged, but I don't bite. Even though I am shy, I still like meeting new faces.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Hobbies
Adventurer, puzzle solver, landscaper, tinker, gamer, swimmer, biker, bug/frog/lizard catcher.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Likes
The color lime green, music, weird anatomy books, animal parts (Skulls, horns, dead bugs, etc.), nature, learning new things, being random, sharing, wandering at night, slimy things, sci-fi, horror, gore, fantasy, the paranormal/the unknowing, the night, stars, galaxies animals (cats, reptiles, amphibians, octopus, insects of all kind, and dogs.)

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Dislikes
People that are judgmental, bullies, people staring at me, syringes, chainsaws, reading.

<da:thumb id="387314971"/> Other
I have visual dyslexia and CAPD. (I prefer chatting more behind a computer than in person.)
Partially psychic, but I'm not going to go in full detail with that.
TotalMayhem Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You forgot to add that you're awesome, talented, and awesome... just sayin'
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